Our travel business was founded in 1961 by Selig Weinberg and his wife, Dorothy. They had traveled by land and sea to many destinations and Selig had also lived in Israel for several years, from 1931 to 1939. Israel was then known as Palestine. In 1958 misfortune struck and Selig lost his eyesight. Life had to be rearranged, along with a new way to earn an income for his family.

In 1958 Pan Am began its first transatlantic commercial jet service. The travel industry was obviously on the verge of a huge expansion and Selig had always been interested in travel---but how could he become a travel agent with this disability? He would try! In 1961 he and his wife opened an agency in Maplewood, New Jersey. They named the agency Trans Travel. New Jersey Bell had recently created a phone that would accommodate dialing phone numbers in braille. They sought a person, or a business, that could put this invention to good use. They discovered Selig Weinberg and Trans Travel---a perfect match! He was featured on the cover of Parade Magazine, the Sunday insert of the Star Ledger newspaper, as well as in several other newspapers throughout New Jersey.

Selig was able to work in the travel industry with the assistance of his braille dialing cards, his past travel experiences, and his personal knowledge of the mid-east. Business was booming, employees were hired, and the agency became famous for international travel with groups, as well as individuals. They also arranged for many group trips to domestic resorts. Their frequent and personal association with the representatives of all major airlines helped Trans Travel to become one of the best-known agencies in the state.

Selig Weinberg's eldest son, Arthur, majored in history in college and had extensive knowledge of worldwide geography, as well. Upon graduation from Rutgers University he traveled extensively to international destinations and became an employee of Trans Travel. He became known for personally planned, independent vacations to Europe, Asia and the mid-east. His expertise eventually made him one of the most sought- after travel counsellors in the New Jersey and New York metro area. His in-depth knowledge of worldwide geography, history and current events that shape our world made him known as "one of the best in the travel business."

Trans Travel expanded and grew to accommodate a large client base from coast to coast. In the mid 1990's the company rebranded to the name of Tour and Cruise Connection. They operated out of their own building through the 1970's and 1980's in Springfield, and later in Short Hills and Morristown.

Arthur and his wife, Barbara, as the managers/owners, provide their clientele with expert travel counselling, professionally planned independent vacations and tours, cost-effective business trips and air fares, and, most importantly, a long-established knowledge of the travel industry. The company is one of the oldest, independently owned agencies in the metropolitan area.

In 2022 we are celebrating 61 YEARS of wonderful business relationships and thank all of you for being our loyal clientele!


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